Collaborating for collective learning and impact

We nurture and enable the capacity to collaborate so we can solve our common challenges together.


There's an active and committed ecosystem of actors — community organizers, educators, researchers, policy makers, thought leaders, cultural influencers, and funders — already addressing the crisis of connection. Yet the ability to consistently connect, coordinate efforts, and learn together is challenging and just beginning to emerge. 


We see an opportunity to fuel the conditions for collaboration among these actors — so we can harness our collective wisdom and actions to generate better ideas and achieve more lasting outcomes. 

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How We Collaborate

Our philanthropic investment strategy is designed for peers and partners to collaborate and create impact in three ways: partner collaboratives, funder collaboratives, and discrete project investments. Wherever possible, we coordinate this work — joining together field leaders and peer funders — to listen, learn, and see our shared challenges and opportunities in new ways. Similarly, we make discrete project investments to bolster these collaboratives and their fields of impact.

Our aspirations for collaboration are based on the approaches and lessons of Collective Impact, a framework of conditions that produce mutually beneficial results for collaborators, from agenda-setting to backbone support to shared measurement in service of improvement. 

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Accelerating impact through collective learning and action 


We make investments to a group, or "collaborative," of actors who are already working towards similar goals or complementary outcomes.

Our role is to both support the individual partners while also fueling the conditions for effective and positive collaboration. This includes stage-setting investments to develop future collaborations.


Uniting resources and modeling the work to create transformational change to elevate our common humanity

To help bolster momentum and support the health and development of the fields that enable our work across human connection and social cohesion, we invest in collaborative efforts with our peers. 

Our ambition is to coordinate and aggregate the capital, networks, and field expertise needed to support long-term outcomes that no single funder or actor could sustain on its own.

Discrete Project Investments

Funding initiatives to advance the field and our collaboratives

While the majority of our financial and staff support goes to our partner and peer collaboratives, we set aside resources to test new ideas, push our thinking, and participate in efforts that emerge.


We provide targeted project and financial support – at the discretion of our program team – to a small number of efforts to help accelerate the impact of our collaboratives, strategies, and learning.

Einhorn’s Principles of Practice

Our Principles of Practice embody how we work as a team and with others. They represent our values, how we show up in the world, and how we make choices to achieve the most beneficial outcomes to advance our mission.

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We put human connection at the center of everything we do. We treat others with open-hearted curiosity, compassion, and dignity. We are relational not transactional, because trust is at the heart of true partnership and collaboration.

Einhorn Collaborative_Principles of Prac


We gather and sit alongside diverse groups of people to complement individual skillsets, knowledge, and expertise—both lived and academic. Working together, we find common ground and generate better ideas that can achieve more lasting outcomes.

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We bring a spirit of mutuality to our relationships with nonprofit partners. We provide perspective, a vast network, and resources, while our partners determine key actions, metrics, and the support they need to achieve outcomes we both care deeply about.

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We prioritize a few key levers that address critical aspects of today’s crisis of connection within a large, growing ecosystem. By providing targeted support, we believe we will make concerted advances toward our long-term vision.

Einhorn Collaborative_Principles of Prac


We seek out opportunities with the potential for outsized impact. Our collaborators learn, adopt, and spread core insights about human connection and belonging across settings and institutions that together transform systems and communities.

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We define success for ourselves and our partners by what we learn together. We revisit assumptions, examine what’s working for whom and why, and pivot as necessary. We know even the best laid plans will change due to lessons learned on the ground.