We partner with a diverse community of practitioners helping Americans see our humanity in a new light.

Einhorn’s Principles of Practice

Our Principles of Practice embody how we work as a team and with others. They represent our values, how we show up in the world, and how we make choices to achieve the most beneficial outcomes to advance our mission.

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We put human connection at the center of everything we do. We treat others with open-hearted curiosity, compassion, and dignity. We are relational not transactional, because trust is at the heart of true partnership and collaboration.

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We gather and sit alongside diverse groups of people to complement individual skillsets, knowledge, and expertise—both lived and academic. Working together, we find common ground and generate better ideas that can achieve more lasting outcomes.

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We bring a spirit of mutuality to our relationships with nonprofit partners. We provide perspective, a vast network, and resources, while our partners determine key actions, metrics, and the support they need to achieve outcomes we both care deeply about.

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We prioritize a few key levers that address critical aspects of today’s crisis of connection within a large, growing ecosystem. By providing targeted support, we believe we will make concerted advances toward our long-term vision for change.

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We seek out opportunities with the potential for outsized impact. Our collaborators learn, adopt, and spread core insights about human connection and belonging across settings and institutions that together transform systems and communities.

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We define success for ourselves and our partners by what we learn together. We revisit assumptions, examine what’s working for whom and why, and pivot as necessary. We know even the best laid plans will change due to lessons learned on the ground.

Our Commitment: Building a Culture of Connection and Belonging in America

At Einhorn Collaborative, we are committed to working with a broad coalition of partners and peers to help shape a shared future for our country - one that elevates belonging, not othering. Bridging, not breaking. And connection, not isolation.


We recognize that institutional racism - along with other forms of dehumanization based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, indigeneity, national origin, and ability - have shaped the power, policies and systems in which we seek to advance social change. We commit to embrace efforts in our own organization, our collaboratives and in our field of practice that help us recognize, reveal, and dismantle structural racism and “othering” and to build and share power with historically excluded and marginalized groups.

We also acknowledge that our team does not represent the rich diversity of our country. We commit to push ourselves to be students of our nation’s history, reflect on our 

hidden biases, and routinely engage with those whose perspectives are different from our own, across every dimension, to help inform, shape, and guide our work and our worldview. 


At the same time, our commitment to building a culture of true belonging means that we are unwilling to collaborate with people and organizations whose work is grounded in the dehumanization or rejection of entire groups simply because of what they look like, whom they love, how they pray, or where they’re from.

As individuals and collectively, we know there is a long way to go and we will likely get things wrong. We commit to holding ourselves and each other accountable by regularly examining our contributions to social change efforts—personal, organizational, and systemic—in service of creating a country where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued: a culture of true belonging.